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NYPD Arrests Ferguson Protesters Trying to Disrupt the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Police in New York arrested a number of protesters on Thursday who were apparently part of a movement to disrupt the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in order to demonstrate against the failure to indict Darren Wilson for shooting and killing Michael Brown. At least seven people were detained, according to the New York Post, which had warned in its front page today about a “plot against Snoopy.” The seven people who were arrested were apparently part of a group of people who overturned a trash can and tried to “run toward the floats,” according to WPIX-TV. “But an hour later, there was no sign of turmoil along the parade route,” notes the New York Daily News.

Anywhere from 50 to 100 protesters gathered early Thursday morning to protest and police accompanied them as they walked from 42nd street to 37th street. That is when a group apparently tried to break from the designated protest route to disrupt the ongoing parade. The group was part of a movement that used the hashtag #StoptheParade to organize on Twitter. In addition to Michael Brown, protesters, some of whom carried signs reading “black lives matter,” also remembered Eric Garner, a Staten Island man who died after he was put in a chokehold by a police officer.  

As Mashable notes, you would never guess there had been any trouble with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from the NBC live broadcast of the event.