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Spanish Nurse Is Cured of Ebola, But Is Still Pretty Ticked About Her Dog

A woman walks her dog next to candles and a message reading “Farewell Excalibur.”

Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

The good news: Spanish nurse Teresa Romero, who tested positive for Ebola last month, is now virus-free and has been released from the Madrid hospital where she spent much of the last month in quarantine. The not-so-good news: She’s still pretty ticked about her dog. Spanish authorities euthanized Romero’s dog—Excalibur—shortly after she tested positive for the virus last month out of fear that it might transmit the virus.

Upon leaving the hospital, Romero’s husband read a statement praising the medical staff, and then took the opportunity to go after the Spanish government for “executing” Excalibur while she was in the hospital. Here’s more from the Associated Press:

Teresa Romero slammed Spanish officials for killing her beloved dog, saying the mixed breed named Excalibur was unnecessarily “executed…” Her husband, Javier Limon, read Romero’s remarks about Excalibur as she listened at his side, saying his wife was too emotional to talk about the dog that was like the childless couple’s own child. Madrid health officials euthanized Excalibur on Oct. 8, saying the dog posed a potential public health risk for Ebola transmission. But the dog of a nurse who got Ebola in Dallas was simply quarantined and then later reunited with its owner. Killing Excalibur “wasn’t necessary,” Romero said in her statement. “The worst part of all of this is that our dog was not given a chance.”

Romero’s husband said the couple planned to sue the government for its treatment of their pet.