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Helicopter Search Crew Finds Missing California Hikers Alive, if Probably a Little Embarrassed

The Eaton Canyon area is to the northeast of Los Angeles.

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The 15 hikers from a Seventh Day Adventist church group who were reported missing Sunday night have been found alive and mostly unhurt, authorities say. A helicopter belonging to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department discovered the group on a mountainside. From the Associated Press:

Someone on the trek called the local sheriff’s station Sunday night and said the group was lost. Deputies arrived at Eaton Canyon around 10 p.m. and found two relatives of hikers who reported receiving texts from the hiking party that said “help.”

The group, which included some who had done the same hike previously, was outfitted with backpacks, first-aid kits, extra clothing, food and water but did not expect to be in the wilderness all night, Jones said.

The hikers were airlifted to safety and have been reunited with their families, the Los Angeles Times says, also noting that “at least two” members of the group appeared to be limping in the footage taken by news stations.