The Slatest

Slow-Motion Hawaii Lava Flow Destroys First House


REUTERS/USGS/Handout via Reuters

If the idea of lava flowing from an active volcano towards your home seems like a nightmare you once had—you’re probably not alone. In Hawaii that nightmare is playing out in real life, but in slow motion. Lava began flowing from a vent in Hawaii’s active Kilauea volcano in June and began inching towards the town of Pahoa. Residents of the rural town have been watching the lava ooze closer for months. Two weeks ago, the flow of molten rock entered the town, and on Monday, the slothlike flow engulfed its first home.

The residents of the house had already evacuated, as many of the town’s have already left to avoid the lava flow’s path. “Imelda Raras lives on the other end of Apaa Street from where the lava burned its first house,” the Associated Press reports. “She and her family have put a lot of their belongings in storage and are prepared to go to a friend’s home if the lava gets close.”