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Elderly Japanese Woman Arrested Because Her Romantic Partners Keep Dying Suspiciously


Jiji Press/AFP/Getty

A 67-year-old Japanese woman named Chisako Kakehi, who’s collected a great deal of money from deceased husbands and boyfriends over the last 20 years, has been arrested on suspicion of killing her most recent husband and may be responsible for the other deaths, reports say.

Cyanide was found in the body of her 75-year-old husband, a senior official at the investigative department said. Kakehi has denied involvement in the deaths and has not been formally charged …

Her latest marriage lasted one month before her husband died in December. Cyanide was also found in the blood of a 71-year-old partner who fell while riding a bike in 2012, officials said. His death was initially attributed to heart disease.

Kakehi reportedly married three times and had relationships with three other men over the past two decades. All died within a few years of marrying or starting relationships with her.

Though the case is being reported by credible sources, the details vary by account. The Associated Press, quoted above, says Kakehi has had three husbands and three boyfriends die. The Japan Times says it’s four husbands and two boyfriends, and that she’s inherited more than $800,000. And the AFP has the numbers at seven dead partners and more than $6 million.