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Darren Wilson May Resign From Ferguson Police Force

Protesters outside the Ferguson police station Thursday night.

Adrees Latif/Reuters

Officer Darren Wilson may resign from the Ferguson, Missouri, police department, CNN reported Thursday night. A grand jury is currently deciding whether to indict Wilson for charges related to the killing of Michael Brown on Aug. 9, and a decision is expected soon. From the news network:

While Wilson has told associates he would resign to help ease pressure and protect his fellow officers, he’s expressed concern about resigning while the grand jury was hearing evidence for fear it would appear he was admitting fault.


Though CNN’s wording is heavy on qualifiers, the long and short of it seems to be that Wilson is more likely to resign if he’s not indicted. On that front, CNN says, the grand jury considering his case is meeting today for what “might” be its final session:

If a grand jury decision comes Friday, prosecutors are expected to provide law enforcement with 48 hours notice before making a public announcement, possibly on Sunday.

Five protesters were arrested in Ferguson on Wednesday night after reportedly blocking traffic, and at least two were arrested Thursday night.*

*Correction, Nov. 21, 2014: This post originally misstated that five protesters were arrested in Ferguson on Thursday. Five were arrested Wednesday and at least two Thursday.