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Bill Cosby’s Old Stand-Up Routine Jokes About Slipping Drugs in Women’s Drinks

Bill Cosby has not responded to the latest round of sexual assault allegations—both new and old—that have surfaced over the past week. The Village Voice, however, has unearthed an old Cosby stand-up routine on the topic that is particularly unsettling. Cosby’s “Spanish Fly” routine, from what the Voice appropriately describes as his “now-unfortunately titled 1969 LP It’s True! It’s True!,” is a riff on lacing young women’s drinks with the aphrodisiac known as Spanish Fly. While slipping anything into anyone’s drink is not usually considered funny, that it’s Cosby doing the joking is particularly disturbing. In the more than dozen allegations of sexual assault and rape against the comedian, drugging young women by lacing their drinks with some sort of drug before assaulting them has consistently been Cosby’s alleged modus operandi.

Here’s a transcript of a portion of Cosby’s stand up routine:

When I was 13, man. Start talking about weird things. No, really. Standing on the corner: You know anything about Spanish Fly. What? Spanish Fly. It always happens when you’re 13, only when you’re 13 on up to when, like, you get married. Guys stand around talking about Spanish Fly … You know anything about Spanish Fly? No, tell me about it. Well, there’s this girl—Crazy Mary—you put some in her drink, man … ahhhhhh … yeah, Spanish … Oh, that’s really groovy man. Spanish Fly is groovy. Yeah boy. From then on, man, any time you see a girl: Wish you had some Spanish Fly boy. Go to a party, see five girls standing alone—boy, if I had a whole jug of Spanish Fly I’d light that corner up over there.