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Swiss Company Makes Hitler Creamer Packets; Apologizes for Not Noticing It Was a Bad Idea

“You cannot put Pol Pot or a terrorist on a milk creamer.” That truism comes courtesy of a spokesman for the Swiss retail giant Migros, via the New York Times. That seems like a pretty easy rule to live by—unless you’re Migros, apparently. The company apologized this week for shocking Swiss coffee drinkers by distributing coffee creamer containers with pictures of Hitler on them. Oh, and there was also one dedicated to Italian fascist Benito Mussolini.

“In coffee-loving Switzerland, labels from the mini-cream containers are cult collectibles, and producers often seek new and inventive ways to enhance their appeal,” the Times reports. The dictatorial tributes were part of a series of containers based on vintage cigar labels. Migros said one of its subsidiaries was responsible for supplying the cream, and the series was developed by a firm that—somehow—specializes in cream container design. In the understatement of the year, a company spokesman told the Times: “Whoever made this mistake was not thinking properly, as these aren’t images accompanying a book about World War II, but rather something meant to be enjoyed with coffee and a chocolate cake.”