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Watch an Inventive, Poignant Suicide PSA by an Indie Filmmaker and His Son

From the video.

YouTube/Maximus Thor

Here’s a cool/touching video:

The kid is named Maximus Thor, and his father, it appears, goes by the name Benny Wonka and runs an indie filmmaking outfit in Atlanta called Sanctified Crack Gorilla Productions. The voiceover is by a gentleman named James R. Few who’s worked on other videos with the pair.

Update, October 17, 2014:  Benny Wonka, via a Facebook message back-and-forth, adds some background. “James and I are old friends…we’ve produced TV shows together. We’re producing a music video for David Banner right now.” The motivation to address the topic of suicide was personal: “Struggled for years with it myself. Lost a close friend. I felt alone and crazy, felt I couldn’t tell anyone.” The video, he hopes, will help individuals with similar issues realize that there are others who know what they’re going through. “Maybe encourage them in some way,” he says. “Or maybe just feel understood for a second.”