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Racist Rancher Cliven Bundy Challenges Eric Holder in Bizarre Campaign Ad

In what will hopefully be the strangest ad of the 2014 midterm campaign, Cliven Bundy makes a comeback. Remember Bundy? He is that rancher in Nevada who got a bunch of libertarians and Tea Party activists to support his strange cause in which he insisted that his cows should be able to graze for free on federal land. Lots of people abandoned him though when he started to spew racist drivel and even suggested that African Americans were better off as slaves. But now it seems he still has at least one supporter who is eager for his endorsement.

Bundy stars in an ad to support third party candidate Kamau Bakari, who is black. The video begins with a clip of Attorney General Eric Holder’s famous “nation of cowards” speech. Then we see Bundy and Bakari dressed in over-the-top cowboy gear in front of a horse. “Did he just call me a coward?” Bundy asks. ”No he called all white folks cowards,” Bakari replies. Then they start discussing political correctness and the whole thing keeps getting worse the second before they “dare” Holder to go to Nevada to talk about race.

“Cliven, you know that political correctness—that’s bad for America,” Bakari notes. “That’s exactly right,” Bundy replies. “I know that black folks have had a hard time with, uhhhh, slavery.” Bakari then calls Bundy a “brave white man,” adding that he feels “ashamed when I hear black folks whining about ‘white folks this,’ ‘white folks that,’ always begging.” And then Bundy with the kicker: “It’s almost like black folks think white folks owe them something.” The only good thing is that, according to the Washington Post, Bakari—of the Independent American Party—has no chance of unseating Rep. Dina Titus, who is a Democrat.