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The Pennsylvania Fugitive Sniper Is Still at Large After 39 Days

Camping equipment thought to have been used by Frein.

Photo by Pennsylvania State Police/Getty Images

Some schools in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountain region have closed after reports that Eric Frein, who is suspected of murdering a state trooper and injuring another in a Sept. 12 sniper attack, has been seen in the area. From

Police reported Monday night that a law enforcement official spotted Frein, 31, near the Swiftwater Post Office, which is near Pocono Mountain East High School.

On Friday night, a woman walking near the school said she saw a man with a rifle matching Frein’s description, and police believe she spotted the gunman.

The Pocono Mountain Area School District announced today that it would close because of the sightings, though it’s not clear how long the closure will last. Per Reuters, the district serves 9,400 students.

Frein is thought to have prepared in “survivalist” style to live in the woods as a fugitive after his attack on the troopers. Since the shootings took place 39 days ago, authorities have not reported any contact with—or confirmed sightings of—Frein despite a significant manhunt.