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Unusual News Story Reports Positive Development in Middle East Geopolitics

Hassan Rohani at a September United Nations appearance.

Photo by Adrees Latif/Reuters

A rare piece of good news via Reuters on the Middle Eastern diplomacy front:

Iran has taken further action to comply with terms of an extended interim nuclear agreement with six world powers, a monthly U.N. atomic agency update on the accord’s implementation showed on Monday.

The report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), seen by Reuters, made clear that Iran is meeting its commitments under the temporary deal, as it and the major powers are seeking to negotiate a final settlement of their nuclear dispute.

It said Iran had diluted more than 4,100 kg of uranium enriched to a fissile purity of up to 2 percent down to the level of natural uranium. This was one of the additional steps Iran agreed to undertake when the six-month accord in July was extended by four months.

Reuters credits the 2013 election of president Hassan Rouhani with improving Iran’s relations with other countries. Rouhani wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post soon after his election that outlined a positive vision of Iranian engagement with the rest of the world; the Post then annotated his piece, calling it “another of many gestures of goodwill Rouhani has made toward the United States” and writing that he “clearly sees much of his agenda as hinged on detente with the West.”