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Premeditated Police Beating of Hong Kong Protester Caught on Video

From the video.


Video from Hong Kong shows police carrying a pro-democracy protester named Ken Tsang away from a protest site and around a corner, then setting him down and beating him.

From The Guardian:

Pictures posted to Facebook showed Tsang in the aftermath of the attack, with cuts and bruises on his face and neck, and circular welts running down his back…

Hong Kong’s secretary for security, Lai Tung-kwok, said the officers involved would be temporarily removed from duties, as authorities expressed concern over the clip and promised an investigation.

“The Complaints Against Police Office has already received a relevant complaint and will handle it in accordance with the established procedures in a just and impartial manner,” the Hong Kong information services department said in a statement on Wednesday.

Protests have become more tense and violent in recent days as police have used tear gas and begun dissassembling barriers set up by camped-out demonstrators.

Tsang, a social worker, says he was also assaulted both before and after the events in the video.