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Another Reminder That Charlie Sheen Has a Long History of Beating Up Women

Sheen and Jimmy Fallon in 2013.

Theo Wargo/Getty

TMZ reports that Charlie Sheen is being investigated for battery after allegedly striking a female dental technician who was administering nitrous oxide. (His lawyer denies the charges.) The site says he may also have threatened a dentist with a knife.

Law enforcement sources tell us … Charlie was at an L.A. dental office last Thursday for an abscess. He sat in the chair as the dental technician placed a mask over his face to administer nitrous oxide, when she says Charlie went insane … flailing his arms and striking her.  

The technician told cops she walked out of the room as Charlie’s security guard entered. Charlie’s personal dentist was there along with the oral surgeon. There was a lot of commotion and the technician says when Charlie’s dentist finally came out he told her Charlie pulled a knife and went after him. The dentist wasn’t hurt.

Sheen has 11 million Twitter followers and a massive TV contract and often appears on talk shows in the guise of a mischevious rogue. He also has a lengthy criminal history; he’s been convicted of battery and domestic violence against women and has had a restraining order taken out against him. A number of women have at various points reported that Sheen punched them, strangled them, threatened to kill them, and threatened them with knives. Ray Rice will have to continue beating women for another two decades before he is in Charlie Sheen’s territory. When is Ray Rice going to be on The Tonight Show?