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Video: Fans at Cardinals Game Heckle Michael Brown Protesters, Chant “DAR-REN WIL-SON”

The man who said the protestors needed to find jobs.

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A small group of protesters calling for “justice” in the case of the Michael Brown killing stood outside a St. Louis Cardinals playoff game last night, where they were met by a number of (white) fans who appear, based on their beer levels, to be leaving the game. A journalist/activist named Mustafa Hussein recorded the confrontation. You can see a longer video at Deadspin; we’ve cut together some lowlights.

Comments include “Let’s go Darren [Wilson, the officer who killed Brown],” “DAR-REN WIL-SON,” “We’re the ones who fuckin’ gave all y’all the freedoms that you have,” and “Pull up your pants.”

And the Cardinals won last night!