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The Washington Football Team Is Selling Its Fans Expired, World Cup–Branded Beer

Fans of the Washington professional football team have a number of problems. The team’s nickname is offensive. Its most famous player is injured. It’s losing most of its football games. And its stadium is now selling expired Budweiser branded with the logo of the World Cup, which ended two months ago. From the DC Sports Bog:

On Thursday night, about 2 1/2 months after the World Cup ended and 3 1/2 months after that tournament started … a fan received a World Cup-branded beer at FedEx Field.

I asked the customer to photograph the date code on the bottom of that bottle, and he complied.

Then I typed that code into Budweiser’s “Track Your Bud” feature on its Web site. “Your Bud has passed its freshness date,” the site told me.

The Washington franchise’s owner, Dan Snyder, is something of a notorious greedball, and the team has in the past been caught selling old peanuts branded with the logo of an airline that had gone out of business nine months earlier.