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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Diagnosed With Cancer

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaks during the kick off of his re-election campaign in April 2014.  

Photo by GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images

Last week, perpetually embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford complained of stomach pain while eating breakfast and went to the hospital to get it checked out. On Wednesday, Ford’s doctor announced the mayor has a malignant liposarcoma, a “rare and difficult cancer that will require aggressive chemotherapy,” the Associated Press reports.

Here’s more on the prognosis and what’s ahead for Ford via the AP:

[Mount Sinai hospital’s Dr. Zane Cohen] said the mayor will be treated with fairly intensive chemotherapeutic agents within the next two days. He said the cancer is spreading and that they have found “a small nodule in the buttock” near the left hip. The doctor said Ford’s cancer makes up only about one percent of all cancers but said he was optimistic about Ford’s treatment because they have many experts in sarcoma at the hospital. He said there may or may not be surgery involved depending on how the first treatments go.

Ford had been planning another run for mayor, a position he miraculously has been able to hold onto—although with curtailed powers—after an avalanche of drug and alcohol indiscretions, videotapes and scandals. After spending time in the hospital last week, however, the best-known mayor in the world decided to withdraw from the race and was replaced by his brother, councilman Doug Ford.

“Ford, 45, said earlier in the week that he was vomiting and in pain. He suggested his condition was dire, telling the Toronto Sun, ‘I guess the good Lord wants me somewhere else,’” according to the Toronto Star. Ford’s father died of colon cancer in 2006.