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Typo on 1999-Era Résumé Explains Why Tom Brady’s Life Stalled Out After College

Throwback Thursday.

Via Facebook

Remember Tom Brady? In 1999, he was a “big man on campus,” the handsome quarterback of the University of Michigan football team, probably dating the head cheerleader or what have you. But we’ve barely heard from him since. His life just never seemed to “take off.” What happened? A clue may have been made available today, as he posted his old résumé on Facebook. You can see it above. Here’s the most important section:

Via Facebook

“Superintendentent”? Poor attention to detail—and a likely explanation for why T. Brady never did find a job in the hospitality or financial services sectors. This is how a promising young person once “Elected Team Captain of 1999 University of Michigan Football Team” ends up with a job selling weird boot-shoes in Australia.