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Scotland Votes to Remain in U.K. by 55 Percent to 45 Percent Margin

British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks this morning.

Photo by Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom, with final results from Thursday’s referendum expected to show that “no” votes to stay in the U.K. defeated “yes” votes to leave by a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent. British Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to begin following through as soon as today on promises to “devolve” some powers from the United Kingdom to Scotland; promises of increased autonomy within the British system were made explicit by Cameron and other U.K. leaders in their effort to persuade Scotland’s citizens to vote against secession. From the Guardian:

Cameron spoke this morning, saying he was delighted Scots had voted to keep the union and suggesting the issue of Scottish independence had been settled for a generation - even for “a lifetime”.

Pro-secession leader Alex Salmond did not use language that was quite as definitive:

In an early-morning concession speech, Salmond said he accepted the verdict of the people but noted that Scotland had not chosen independence “at this stage”, suggesting he may return to the idea of independence.

“We have touched sections of the community who have never before been touched by politics,” he said.

Turnout was estimated at 85 percent.