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Suburban Detroit Man Who Shot Renisha McBride Sentenced to at Least 17 Years in Prison

Theodore Wafer.

Photo by Rebecca Cook/Reuters

Theodore Wafer—the white suburban Detroit homeowner who shot black 19-year-old Renisha McBride to death on his porch when she knocked on his door late at night after a car accident—has been sentenced to at least 17 years in prison. From the Detroit News:

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office asked for a minimum of 17 years in prison. Wayne County Circuit Judge Dana Hathaway, who presided over the trial, announced Wafer’s sentencing at a hearing that included courtroom comments from McBride’s sister …

Wafer’s attorney, Cheryl Carpenter, has said she plans to appeal the conviction. Carpenter has said her client is remorseful about the shooting.

Wafer, who was convicted of second-degree murder, said he thought his home was being threatened by multiple potential invaders when he fired his gun. He was also convicted on manslaughter and firearms charges.