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Video: Pittsburgh Police Officer Uses Taser on Man Speaking to His Fatally Wounded Stepson

Earl Baldwin Jr., at left.


A Pittsburgh man is suing police who used a Taser on him in a hospital emergency room as he was grieving over the body of his stepson, who had been fatally shot. Here’s the security footage:

The hospital says that Earl Baldwin Jr. was interfering with attempts to revive his stepson, Mileek Grissom, during the 2012 incident. Baldwin’s lawyer says medical personnel were not treating Grissom when Baldwin was Tased and that Grissom had already died. In the footage, Grissom’s body is covered by a white sheet.

Update, September 26, 2014: Headlines on this post originally stated that Grissom was dying when Baldwin was Tased. Grissom’s state when the incident occurred is in dispute.