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Newly Discovered “Dreadnoughtus” Dinosaur May Have Been the Biggest Land Animal Ever


Courtesy of Drexel/YouTube

There’s a newly discovered dinosaur, and the goddang thing is huge and named DREADNOUGHTUS. (You don’t have to write it with all capital letters, but it’s recommended.) It may have been the most massive land animal ever. From National Geographic:

In life, Dreadnoughtus would have been about 86 feet (26 meters) long and weigh nearly 60 tons, heavier than a [Chieftain] tank, Drexel University paleontologist Ken Lacovara and colleagues calculate. That’s so big, the scientists write, that adults of the species would have been “nearly impervious to attack” by predators that stalked the same floodplains between 84 million and 66 million years ago.

Among the largest of dinosaurs, titanosaurs like Dreadnoughtus were hefty herbivores with tiny heads, long necks, and tapering tails.

Ha ha, look at that dinosaur’s goofy tiny head! [Is stomped into dust by DREADNOUGHTUS.]

The dinosaur’s fossilized bones were found in Argentina’s Patagonia region by a team from Drexel University. Here’s a video about the animal and its discovery.