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32 Escape From Tennessee Juvenile Detention Facility With History of Problems

The Woodland Hills facility.

Courtesy of WSMV

Thirty-two teenagers escaped from a Nashville juvenile detention facility Monday, and 10 are still at large. From the Tennessean:

The teens were able to get into the yard and then broke out through a weak spot under a fence, Johnson said. The escapees are all boys between 14 and 18 years old who were brought to Nashville from across the state.

The facility, the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center, was the subject of a 2010 Tennessean piece that documented evidence of a sexual abuse problem. A kitchen employee was sent to jail for statutory rape, while a federal survey said inmates had anonymously reported “high rates of sexual victimization.”

Last year local NBC station WSMV obtained photos and video of Woodland Hills guards sleeping while on duty.


WSMV’s piece noted that during a six-month period in 2012 at Woodland Hills, there were 17 reported assaults against staff members and 50 assaults by juveniles on other juveniles.