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There Are New Abuse Allegations Against Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

On Monday, the Minnesota Vikings announced that Adrian Peterson would play with them next Sunday, despite the fact that he was indicted for child abuse last week. Hours later, KHOU, the local CBS affiliate in Houston, Texas, reported that Peterson may have been involved in another, separate incident of child abuse.

From KHOU:

The four-year-old is by a different mother than the alleged victim in the Montgomery County case, in which Peterson is charged with felony injury to a child. In that case, Peterson admits to repeatedly striking the boy with a tree branch or “switch,” but has maintained he did not intend to harm the child, and was using his judgment as a parent to discipline his son.

The latest incident allegedly occurred last June, while the boy, who lives out of state, was visiting Peterson at his gated home in Spring. A photo, allegedly texted by Peterson to the boy’s mother, shows a head wound to the boy covered by two bandages. Other photos, allegedly taken weeks later, reveal a scar over his right eye.

In the texts, Peterson apparently reveals that he beat the child for cursing at a sibling. KHOU reports that, though sources confirm that the mother filed a report to Child Protective Services, “the outcome of any CPS investigation is unclear.”

Meanwhile, in a statement released earlier Monday about the original allegations, Peterson said, “I am not a perfect parent, but I am, without a doubt, not a child abuser. I am someone that disciplined his child and did not intend to cause him any injury.”

Update September 15, 2014 9:23 p.m.: Peterson’s lawyer has responded to the latest charges: