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Watch Last Week’s Sudden-Death Jeopardy! Tiebreaker

The moment of truth.

Courtesy of Merv Griffin via YouTube

Last week’s Jeopardy! Teen Tournament ended in a two-way tie after a super-easy Final Jeopardy question about the Nobel Peace Prize (step it up, teens). Under normal circumstances any contestants tied for first place move on to the next day’s game, but a tournament needs a sole winner. So there was a sudden-death Jeopardy-off:

(I did not know the correct question to that answer—my guess was “What is Potent Potables?”—and would like to retract the rude comment I made earlier about teens.)

New Jersey’s Jeff Xie is sitting on a $75,000 gold mine after his win. It appears that this was the seventh tiebreaker in Jeopardy! history; there’s been one three-way tie, which came in regular play.

h/t Glass