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Airstrike Kills Wife and Child of Hamas’ Military Commander, Rocket Designer

The funeral for Mohammed Deif’s wife and son.

Photo by Mohammed Salem/Reuters

An Israeli airstrike in Gaza today killed one of the wives and the infant son of Mohammed Deif, the leader of Hamas’s Qassam Brigades military wing. The fate of Deif, who is also said to have helped design the homemade “Qassam rocket” that is one of the primary weapons fired into Israel from Gaza, is unknown. From the New York Times:

Mustafa Asfoura said his daughter Widad, 28, had married Mr. Deif, who has other wives, about four years ago, and that they had four children. The youngest, 8-month-old Ali, was killed alongside his mother on Tuesday and the other children were injured. Mr. Asfoura, 55, said he did not know where his daughter was living, that he had last seen her 10 days ago and that he had long expected her to die in such a way because she was married to “the No. 1 wanted man in Israel.”

The Israeli military says that nearly 150 rockets have been fired into Israel since a cease-fire collapsed on Tuesday.

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