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Regularly Scheduled Violence Resumes in Gaza

A crater in Gaza City in a photo taken today.

Photo by Siegfried Modola/Reuters

As a three-day cease-fire in Gaza ended at 1 a.m. ET with no long-term truce yet reached—and militants having reportedly fired two rockets into Israel four hours before the cease-fire ended—full-scale violence has resumed. “Since the cease-fire’s expiration, more than 45 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel,” Haaretz says. “The Israeli Air Force has responded by striking more than 40 targets in Gaza.”

The New York Times spoke to three Gaza siblings near the border with Israel who were leaving the heavily battered city of Beit Hanoun to drive south, destination unknown. “Now it seems the situation will get harder,” said one about the end of the cease-fire. “Maybe yes and maybe no. I don’t understand politics.”

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