The Slatest

Happy Extra Paycheck Day!

Many financial advisers believe that the best place to put extra money is an old burlap sack.

Photo by Givaga/Shutterstock

If you …

  • get paid every two weeks on Friday

and …

  • pay your rent on the first of each month

and …

  • have a landlord who, formally or informally, gives you a few extra days after the first to hand in your monthly check

… then today is a very good day, because you probably paid your August rent with your paycheck from July 25, but can get away with letting things slide and not paying your September rent until Friday, Sept. 5 (hey, it’s Labor Day week, maybe you were out of town). Which means that you’ve gotten TWO paychecks (Aug. 8 and today) between rent payments. Which means:

  • FREE MONEY!!!*

Treat yourselves, everyone!

*Of course no one is actually making more money in August than in any other month. But it feels that way if your normal monthly budget is based on getting two paychecks. Free money!