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Wife of Man Who Videotaped Eric Garner Chokehold Has Also Been Arrested

Far left: 206 Bay St., where Ortiz was arrested. Far right: 202 Bay St., where Eric Garner was choked.

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This weekend Ramsey Orta, the 22-year-old man who videotaped the NYPD chokehold that killed Eric Garner, was arrested for gun possession. Yesterday Orta’s wife, 30-year-old Chrissie Ortiz, was also arrested. The Staten Island Advance has the info courtesy of an NYPD spokesperson:

Ms. Ortiz is accused of assaulting another woman. She was taken to the 120th Precinct and has been released on a desk appearance ticket, the spokesman said. Ms. Ortiz faces a misdemeanor assault charge.

Ortiz was arrested on the same block where Garner was choked by police.