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Major Airlines Suspending Service at Israel’s Largest Airport

Ben Gurion Airport in 2012.


Via Vox: Delta, American Airlines, Korean Air, US Airways, and United have suspended service in and out of Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport—by far Israel’s largest international airport—after a rocket landed today in Yehud, an adjacent suburb.* The United States Federal Aviation Administration, meanwhile, has suspended all American flights to Israel for 24 hours.

Courtesy of Google Maps

A Delta flight from New York to Israel landed in Paris after Delta made the decision, Haaretz reports. Operations appear to be continuing as usual for El Al, which is 43 percent owned by the Israeli government.

Update, July 22, 2014: Since this article was posted several other airlines have also reportedly suspended service. From ABC’s Molly Hunter:

Correction, July 22, 2014: This post originally misidentified American Airlines as American Airways and Korean Air as Korean Airlines.