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The World’s Oceans Were Hotter in June Than at Any Other Time Since Humans Started Keeping Track

Current conditions on Earth.

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More not-great news on the global warming front, via Climate Central:

This June represents a significant milestone for the world’s oceans. Not only was it the hottest June for oceans since record keeping began in 1880, but it was the most anomalously warm ocean temperature for any month. That means temperatures were more freakishly above average this past June than at any other time in the period of record. The previous record was a four-way tie with May 2014 being the most recent month.

This June’s temperature record also represents a global mark for the warmest the oceans have ever been. The record heat happened to hit in June, when oceans are at their warmest, giving temperatures a further boost.

Specifically, the average “global sea surface temperature” in June was 62.65 degrees Fahrenheit. The oceans are going to be pretty comfortable to swim in for a few decades until they boil over and we all die.