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The CIA’s Twitter Experiment Has Gone Downhill Fast

A Cuban soldier stands next to weapons captured in the United States’ disastrous Bay of Pigs attack.

REUTERS/Prensa Latina

The CIA joined Twitter with a self-deprecating joke that many people, though not everyone, found funny:

A month later, it’s looking like the people who said that first tweet was too glib were on the right track. Today the CIA’s account announced it would answer the “5 of the top questions” asked by Twitter users. Here are some of those answers.

The most galling part of this might be that everyone, as New York’s Stefan Becket points out, knows where Tupac is: he’s dead. Either this line was written by someone who did not actually understand who Tupac is, and assumed that he was interchangeable with, say, Amelia Earhart or the Roswell alien, or it was written by someone who could not reason through the logical steps of a one-step joke. Either way, not a feather in the cap of our national intelligence organization.

Probably time to shut this idea inside an old crate and put it in the back of a giant secret warehouse.