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Harper Lee Settles Lawsuit Against Museum That Was Selling To Kill a Mockingbird Merchandise

Harper Lee in 2009.

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

88-year-old To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee has settled a lawsuit against a local museum that was profiting by allegedly biting her Mockingbird steez, the New York Times reports. The museum was specifically accused of slinging Mockingbird swag on the Alabama streets and jacking one of Lee’s hottest lines for its URL game:

Ms. Lee’s original case, filed in 2013, accused Monroeville, Ala., her hometown, of trying to “capitalize upon the fame” of the novel by establishing a museum in its courthouse, where a pivotal scene in the novel was set, and by selling unauthorized merchandise referring to the book. (The museum’s former Web address was

Lee settled that case, then re-submitted it two weeks ago, and has now re-settled.

It remains unclear whether the beloved author and childhood friend of Truman Capote could believe that the museum’s alleged misbehavior was happening in her own town.