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Taliban Video Shows a Dazed Bergdahl’s Handover as His Story Becomes More and More Complicated

The Taliban have released a video showing the moment of Bowe Bergdahl’s handover to U.S. forces; back home, the story of the American hostage continues to develop. A piece in the Daily Beast this morning says that Army officials gave the family of a soldier who died searching for Bergdahl a false version of the events that led to their son’s death. Meanwhile, the Army Times reports that a 2010 military investigation found Bergdahl had voluntarily left and then returned to his operating base at least once and that officials currently “have no indication that he intended to leave permanently” when he disappeared.

NBC News reported yesterday that a new, “high-level” Army investigation into the circumstances of Bergdahl’s capture will determine whether the pursuit of criminal charges against him might be justified.