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Security Camera Footage Shows Hawaiian Airlines Stowaway Emerging from Wheel Well

Three weeks ago, 15-year-old Yahya Abdi hid in a wheel well for the duration of Hawaiian Airlines flight from San Jose to Maui, and now there’s video of his first steps Hawaiian soil.

The Kahului Airport security camera footage, released by the Hawaii Department of Transportation, plays out pretty much exactly how one would expect it would. Right around the 20-second mark, Abdi—who was knocked unconscious early in the flight by the lack of pressurization—can be seen lowering himself from his hiding place near the 767’s wing, his first steps more than a bit wobbly. He haphazardly staggers around the tarmac for a few moments before stumbling into airport employees, who eventually lead him away.

Officials have since said that Abdi was most likely trying to reconnect with his mother, whom his father had wrongly claimed was dead. He is currently under the supervision of Santa Clara County Child Protective Services, and San Jose Police have launched an investigation into the incident. No charges have been filed against the lucky-to-be-alive teenager.