Member Takeover

Boss David Weigel Around!

Members: Tell Slate’s politics reporter what overlooked legislative issue to blog about.

As Slate soft-launches its membership program, Slate Plus, we’re experimenting with ways to let members help us direct our journalism. I’m trying out a member takeover post—a post I write on the Weigel blog that’s assigned by member vote or suggestion. Below, find three issues making their way through Congress that haven’t received very much coverage. Vote on which one I should blog about, or suggest a totally different overlooked issue in the comments. I’ll write about the issue that gets the most votes next week, and I may steal some of your other ideas, too.

Now, we’re still in beta, so there aren’t that many members yet. So this vote may be thin. Let me know in the comments if there’s a different way you’d like to see me handle member takeovers as Slate Plus gets more crowded.

UPDATE: Polling has closed! Read Dave’s post about Judicial and Cabinet nominations after filibuster “reform” on the Weigel blog.