Mitch McConnell’s Campaign is Aware That You Are Laughing at It

When the mysteriously ambient B-roll of Mitch McConnell first appeared on YouTube, cynical reporters wondered: Why? Why put this online, if not just to provide free B-roll for super PACs? Did no one realize that the silent reaction shots of the Senate minority leader looked like the opening credits of a Clinton-era sitcom?

Yes, someone realized that. This afternoon, an account called “McConnellOn90sSitcom” started issuing video edits that spliced McConnell into Full House, Family Matters, and other shows that would feed future BuzzFeed lists. I have not seen such a naked ploy for virality since … honestly, since the McConnell campaign tweeted a photo of campaign manager Jesse Benton holding his nose after a leaked audio recording had Benton saying he was only tolerating McConnell until he could work for Rand Paul again.*

Well, whatever, the trick works. Especially here:




I have, to my shame, requested a comment from the campaign about this effort.

UPDATE: And Jesse Benton responds, saying the new ads are “totally organic,” and that the campaign is “going to have some fun, too,” possibly with its own ‘90s videos.

*Correction, March 13, 2014: I originally credited the YouTube videos to the campaign itself, based on a dumb misreading of the channel’s name. It’s called “Mitch McConnell,” but its official YouTube tag is not shared with the actual campaign. But like I write above, the campaign approves this message.