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Watch Justin Bieber Confuse the Words Detrimental and Instrumental During a Deposition

Justin Bieber—he of the multi-platinum discography and entitled teenager’s rap sheet—spent nearly 5 hours last Thursday being questioned about a lawsuit filed by paparazzo Jeffrey Binion, who claims he was assaulted by one of the 20-year-old pop star’s bodyguards. I’m tempted to say the deposition went as well as you’d expect, but that wouldn’t do justice to the comically snippy responses offered up by Bieber in the footage that was leaked online today.

The unquestionable highlight of the video comes after Bieber is asked by the plaintiff’s lawyer whether it is true that “Usher was instrumental in starting your career.” The Biebs then proceeds to unintentionally stumble headfirst into what otherwise would have been a rare moment of self-awareness: “I was found on YouTube and I think I was detrimental to my own career.”