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Are You a Pesca-tarian?

Slate’s seeking an audio producer for Mike Pesca’s new podcast.

Mike Pesca.
Mike Pesca.

Photo by Juliana Jimenez Jaramillo

As you may have read or heard on one of our podcasts, longtime NPR reporter Mike Pesca recently joined Slate to help us start a new daily program. It’s an ambitious expansion for us—an afternoon drive-time news and opinion podcast in a format that hasn’t been attempted before—and we’re looking for a New York City-based producer who’s up to the task of creating the show with us.

We want someone who can sort through the torrents of information passing before our eyes each day, and choose the two or three stories people will be talking about that evening and that require a closer look. We also want someone who can confidently define the stories and frame the arguments that people should be talking about. We want a producer who knows the rules of professional radio, and knows when those rules need to be tweaked or even scrapped entirely. We’re looking for a person who will help create a show they themselves would love to hear every evening, not that they think some mythical “average listener” might like. We want someone who enjoys experimentation, who’s not afraid to fail, and yet who mostly succeeds. This is a full-time contract position.

You can apply on this page, where you’ll also find more specifics about the position.