Republicans Spent a Million Dollars in Florida This Week

Wondering what the fallout of the debt limit votes might be? You can check the FEC reports of new independent expenditures. The Senate Conservatives Fund spent more than $100,000 on new material for Matt Bevin, Mitch McConnell’s primary foe. The TeaParty.net Leadership fund spent around $12,000 against John Boehner. That’s about it.

Here’s how it contrasts with Republican-friendly spending in Florida’s open House race, pitting Democrat Alex Sink against Republican David Jolly.

Chamber of Commerce: $400,000 for TV against Sink.

American Crossroads: $49,840 for print against Sink.

American Action Network: $215,249.13 on direct mail against Sink.

NRCC: $379,425.68 on various media against Sink.

That’s a million in a week, a month before the election, for a candidate who says he’d have voted for the clean debt limit increase. There’s more money in trying to expand the GOP majority than there is in keeping it ideologically pure.