The Lawyer, the Ex-Wife, the Senator, and the Journalist

Oh, Brucey, you’re so Fein.

Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

On Wednesday, to great fanfare and greater international attention, Sen. Rand Paul announced a months-in-the-making civil suit against the NSA. At the very same time, the ex-wife and spokesperson for Bruce Fein, who’d initially worked on the suit, was telling journalists that he’d been denied credit—and replaced by a buffoon, whom she could help them expose as such. It’s a strange story with roots that go back years, into crevices of the paleoconservative Ron Paul movement, and it’s all here.

Since the story broke, in Dana Milbank’s column, Mattie Fein has ended her role as her ex-husband’s spokesperson, and Rand Paul’s office has said definitively that Bruce Fein was paid for his services. Milbank has published the paper trail that backs up his story.