How to Improve the White House’s New Propaganda Video

Obama and Biden perform their next hilarious skit, “Biden’s Actually a Secret Service Guy!”

Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

From time to time, the people who run America* produce “viral” videos meant to be shared and gif’ed by the press and the remaining pro-regime partisans. The latest, a 60-second clip of the president and vice president running sort of slowly, is meant to raise awareness of the “Let’s Move” fitness campaign. How? I just showed you how.

It’s not terrible, but there’s no real joke to it beyond “powerful people look funny when they run.” Couldn’t they have done more? What if they got outside and a food truck was moving extremely slow in front of them, making them pause for 60 seconds? What about the Kenya jokes just left there, fruit hanging low from the tree, unpicked?

*No, not the Illuminati. They run everything.