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What Will American Bobsledder Johnny Quinn Get Trapped in Next?

Nick Cunningham, Justin Olsen, Johnny Quinn and Dallas Robinson of USA during a training run for the Men’s Bobsleigh event at the Viessmann FIBT Bob & Skeleton World Cup at Olympia Bob Run on January 9, 2014 in St Moritz, Switzerland

Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Johnny Quinn’s teammates have to be feeling a little nervous right now given they’re only days away from hurtling down an icy track with a man who can’t seem to buy a break in Sochi. Quinn’s latest bout of bad luck appears to have come only hours ago when, according to his Twitter account, he and a few other Americans found themselves trapped in an elevator—a mishap that comes only two days after Quinn was forced to do his best Kool-Aid Man impression to escape a locked bathroom in the Olympic village.

(To be clear, there’s always a chance that Quinn’s elevator photo was staged—either as a simple joke or to grab a little more media attention—but his story was confirmed by fellow bobsledder Nick Cunningham and U.S. team technical director David Cripps, so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt until there is a reason to believe otherwise.)

Today’s photo:

Saturday’s photo:

Quinn’s Twitter account has been noticeably silent since he posted the elevator photo, but I’m hoping that the past-tense were means he and his fellow countrymen have escaped by now. The first men’s bobsled event doesn’t get underway until Saturday—in the meantime Quinn may want to find an open field and stay put.

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