How the Clinton White House Avoided Saying “If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It”

My colleague John Dickerson, who actually covered the Clinton presidency, is taking the lead on a story about the newly freed tranches of documents. So far, as windows into the soul of Hillary Clinton, they’ve been pretty fogged up. But as irony party favors, prescient criticism of the future Obama administration? They’re aces. Igor Volsky, I think, spotted this gem first.

It’s not like Obama made this mistake on his own. In her 2007-2008 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton repeatedly made the “you can keep your plan” pledge, to the general disinterest of the press corps. But having reported a bit on new White House counselor John Podesta and his advice that the White House pursue more executive actions, I was just as fixated on this memo.

There’s no cheap lede in these memos. Just a lot of useful history.