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Beware of Fake Sochi Toilet Photos

Journalists in Sochi for the Olympics have been having a good time tweeting photos of some of the not-so-finished accommodations for the games, from yellowish water to rubble-filled hotel rooms. My colleague Justin Peters has rounded up some of the best over at Slate’s must-read Five Ring Circus blog. Perhaps the biggest meme so far to emerge from the Olympics been the so-called “twin toilets,” found in single stalls in the press center.

While there’s plenty of legitimate fodder out there for making fun of the organizers’ lack of preparation, you should also keep in mind that this is the Internet we’re talking about. It’s probably worth doing a Google image search on some of the more outlandish images.

For instance, I saw this one making the rounds on Twitter this morning:

It may not be a joke, but it’s also not from Sochi. The photo is at least two years old.  

Then there’s this one:

Again, funny. But not from Sochi and probably not even from Russia. The same photo was submitted by “Mike from Spain” for a caption contest on the blog Bits and Pieces in August.

Let’s keep our Olympics lolz legitimate, please.