I’ve started this blog because I’m worried about what has happened to the way we talk on the Internet. Too often, we look for writers, publications, and news sources that confirm our biases. We avoid information that troubles our assumptions. We engage our critics with a resolve to refute or mock them, not to learn.

This blog will encourage you to reconsider what you believe. It will seek out information that challenges you and me to refine our thinking. It will expose how public actors of all kinds—politicians, celebrities, activists, writers—frame issues to shape our views. It will disrupt echo chambers. Some of the topics here will be political. Some will be cultural. Some will involve changes in technology or medicine that complicate our prior understandings of the world.

If you’re looking for a writer you can count on every day to say something congenial, I’m sorry. I’m not your guy. But if you’re tired of that game—if you’re inquisitive, open-minded, and willing to tolerate my stumbles along the way—I’ll do my best to earn your trust and your time. Welcome.