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Researchers May Have Literally Found the Ultimate Buzzkill: A Hormone That Cancels Marijuana High

A new study finds a hormone that cancels the high from marijuana.

Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

Marijuana may be legal in Colorado and on its way to legalization in an increasing number of states, but, in the most recent edition of the journal Science, researchers may have found the ultimate buzzkill: a hormone that blocks the high the brain gets from the drug. According to the new study, the naturally occurring hormone pregnenolone, “which was not previously believed to have any biological effect of its own, actually cancels out the ‘high’ caused by THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana,” Agence France Presse reports. The researchers say that the discovery could be a breakthrough in treating addiction, as well as allow for the isolation of the medicinal properties of marijuana use without the behavioral affects. Which is a good thing, the journal Science wants to remind everyone. “These researchers weren’t trying to be buzzkills,” said the journal, according to AFP.