Rise of the Republicans!

I’m spending part of today at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting, where the big story that only (for now) junkies care about is the selection of a 2016 convention city. The contenders: Cleveland, Columbus, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, and Kansas City. The hardest sell, arguably, is coming from Las Vegas, whose boosters have paid for conference Wi-Fi—click it and you are prompted to watch their promo video.

Runner-up: Phoenix. I was highly encouraged to attend tonight’s Phoenix party, at the hotel where the conference is happening, which will feature “entertainment by RYAN INNES of NBC’s ‘The Voice.’ ” Until then, I found satisfaction in the campaign’s dynamic logo:

Denver’s push is almost as sophisticated (is that the word?), and its merch table includes this nonsubtle reminder of the sorts of voters Colorado offers.

Up next: a lunch speech by Mike Huckabee.