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Everyone Calm Down, Steven Seagal Says the Sochi Olympics Are Totally Safe

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and actor Steven Seagal visit a newly-built sports complex in Moscow.

Photo by ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/AFP/Getty Images

Actor Steven Seagal does not share your concerns about security during the Sochi Winter Olympics. The U.S. military doesn’t exactly share his certainty and have reportedly sent two warships to the Black Sea during the games, you know, just in case Steven Seagal gets it wrong this one time. But with films to his credit like Attack Force, Pistol Whipped and Mercenary for Justice, the martial arts wielding movie star’s national security credentials speak for themselves.

And Seagal took the opportunity to brandish those credentials last week on Fox News’ Huckabee. Here’s an excerpt via Radio Free Europe.

“The chances of any of these suicide bombers actually being able to pull it off are extremely remote by virtue of the fact that Sochi is on such high alert,” he said. “They’ve got amazing assets in place with great liaison over the world. President Putin is doing the very, very best he can. And, like I said, the FSB and [their elite counterterrorism taskforce] Alfa Spetsnaz are really some of the best on Earth, so it’s going to be pretty tough for anybody to pull it off.”

So, there you have it, Steven Seagal says everything’s going to be OK. But, for good measure, Seagal went a little Dennis Rodman in his gushing over his apparent buddy, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“They are a very powerful country with spectacular natural resources and a wonderful leadership,” he said. “And, I believe that they are our friends and I think one of the only ways we are going to survive without getting swallowed by other superpowers or adversely affected is to be best friends with Russia. I think they should be our great allies.”