Political Gabfest

Our Favorite Gabfest Segments of the Year

Snowden a traitor? Are bikes like cars? Colbert’s surprise guest chatter, and more!

From Edward Snowden’s leaks to historic Supreme Court decisions to the government shutdown, 2013 brought the Slate Political Gabfest fodder for analysis, argument, and Churchill references a-plenty. Here are a few of Emily Bazelon’s, John Dickerson’s, and David Plotz’s favorite segments of 2013.

On The “If This Be Treason, Make the Most of It” Gabfest, June 14, 2013. In the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations about the massive scope of the NSA’s surveillance programs, the Gabfest grappled with whether his actions made him a hero or a traitor.

On The Argle-Bargle Gabfest, June 28, 2013: The Gabfest explored the implications of the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decisions. Emily argued that Justice Kennedy’s DOMA opinion passes the common-sense test, even if it doesn’t pass the constitutional lawyer test.

On The “Do You Live in This Town?” Gabfest, July 19, 2013: The New York Times Magazine’s Mark Leibovich discussed This Town, his best-selling book skewering Washington’s self-absorption.

On Gabfest Extra: The Government Shutdown, Day 1, Oct. 1, 2013: John and David Weigel considered the tensions that produced the shutdown and discussed the likelihood of progress in the budget negotiations.

On The Don’t You Dare Call It a Catfight Gabfest, Nov. 15, 2013: Emily, John, and David sparred over whether we should treat bikes like cars or cars like bikes.

On The Healthcare.bomb Gabfest, Oct. 25, 2013: David translated the credits into rhyming couplets.

On The Scary, Out-of-Touch, Narrow-Minded, Stuffy Old Man Gabfest, March 22, 2013: Stephen Colbert joined John, David, and Emily for cocktail chatter.